F.A.C.E. (Freedom Advocates Celebrating Ex-Offenders)
is a group of people who have come together to support one another and reach out to others who have experienced conditions of substance abuse and/or incarceration.

We realize there are prisons made by men and women and prisons made by ourselves. In either case, it requires us to realize that we need others, but most importantly, we need a belief in a power greater than ourselves.

Understanding that together we will stand, and divided we will most certainly fall/fail, we seek the greatest good for each other and our communities.

F.A.C.E offers the following community support services:
  • Life Skill Training
  • Spiritual Support
  • Residential Referrals
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Referrals
  • Employment Training Referrals
  • 12-Step Programs
  • Offenders Anonymous
  • Re-entry Prison Ministry
  • Education Referrals & Assistance
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Mentoring

We are a spiritually guided, non-profit organization that believes in the God-given dignity
and status of every human being that seeks to be a
resource and support for ex-offenders.

Father Sy Peterka - Founder
Marlo A. Hargrove Sr. – Director & Co-Founder
Archie Lee, Sr.- Addiction Counselor & Mentor

1564 Sheffield Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 522- FACE (3223)

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