F.A.C.E: Those We Will Serve

Of the ex-offenders of FACE who are active members of the support group, all have been arrested/ convicted of at least one of drug offense. They understand intimately that it takes a whole array of services to remain drug free and moving toward a future filled with hope. In an effort to be able to reach out to other offenders either prior to release or after release, they have enlisted the help of non-offenders who are faith filled advocates of social justice.

With FACE, current members who are ex-offenders will reach out to other ex-offenders (either released or about to be released) to provide them with connections to resources and support that is most needed. As previously stated, the majority of those will be male and female, economically disadvantaged – which can be due to a lack of education, job training, disabilities, physical health care, mental health care, etc. The ex-offenders will often be parents, who may need help reconnecting with their families in a healthy way, who may not have relationships with folks who are not ex-offenders, who may not have yet found a church home where they will be encouraged to grow and develop as contributing members of their communities, and who may need additional services to succeed outside the prison walls. 

F.A.C.E: The Finances

A tentative budget has been created to represent the costs of creating the reduction in and competition for available funds through grants they will also create a profit center designed to empower ex-offenders while creating a revenue source for the non-profit ministry. At this time, cost for this part of the organization is still in the processing stage and have not been finalized.

F.A.C.E:  The Creation Process

The members of FACE are each taking an active role in the development of the organization and its incorporation, non-profit designation, research and business plans. In this way, new skills and methods of determining self-reliance are established while creating a stronger ownership bond among the ex-offenders. FACE has created a self supporting program called OA (Offenders Anonymous) designed to reconstruct and address the issues first hand that cause ex-offenders to repeat back into the same old behavior.

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